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Do you know the dome light this knowledge?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-08
Do you know the dome light this knowledge? LED dome light is one of the common lamps and lanterns is in the home, beautiful and practical, is the first of many modern decoration light source choice, its advantage is 1. High luminous efficiency, LED to absorb dome light, whole photosynthetic efficiency can reach 100 lm/W. The ordinary energy-saving lamps only 30 - light efficiency 55 lm/W, incandescent lamp is only 15 24lm/W。 The height make energy-saving light efficiency. According to the measured, a lamp that 8 w leds can replace a lamp that 16 w energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp or a lamp that 40 w. 2. Long life: LED life of 100000 hours, lamps and lanterns after, in fact, the life of the workers at least 30000 hours, and high quality can do 50000 hours, to more than 10 times longer than fluorescent light, even the highest life expectancy of tricolor fluorescent lamp life 10000 hours, also higher than 5 times already. 3. Do not contain mercury and other harmful substances: as we all know, mercury is an extremely harmful substances. However most of almost 2012 years ago the efficient electric light source used contain mercury, whether it is a common fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, metal halide lamp contain mercury. When a light source and broken, immediately into the surrounding mercury vapor, moments that make the surrounding air mercury concentration reached 10 - 20 mg/cubic meters, more than the provisions of the state of air mercury levels 2000 times! According to Stanford university study, 1 5454 mg enough to mercury pollution. 2 kg of drinking water. Mercury itself can damage the central nervous system, at the same time also can damage the kidneys and liver and reproductive organs. And with the advantages of LED to absorb dome light as the light source is - — No mercury, let our family from harm. Constant way photoelectric is a manufacturer with many years of professional experience in production of lamps and lanterns, several customer service case, will receive many customers first. Constant way each flat lamp is designed by senior engineer, design is good, high light efficiency, long life, energy saving province electricity. But also through a variety of international standard authentication, the absolute guarantee quality. Constant way complete the size of the company's LED to absorb dome light, no matter the customer needs to household lighting, office lighting and commercial lighting, we all can play LED to absorb dome light.
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