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cops get smart communication system during pujas | kolkata news - times of india

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-07
Kolkata: Come on, Durga Pua and Kolkata police also have test time to manage millions of people on the streets while providing security.
Solution: The city police will try the radio relay system.
According to officials at the Wireless branch of the city police station, this will be more advanced than the existing wireless communication. A city-
Simoco-based companies have agreed to show the system free of charge within five days.
The system will be handed over to the Kolkata police chief Sujoy Chakraborty on Friday.
\"This is point. to-
Point communication, which is impossible with the traditional set.
During Puja, we will only use it on a trial basis, \"Chakraborty said.
In the five days of dulga PUA, the pressure on the communication network was particularly high.
Therefore, it was decided to try out the advanced system during this period.
Delhi police and Mumbai police have adopted the system.
\"If funds allow, then we may consider adopting this system,\" Chakraborty said . \".
To this end, the prototype of the system was installed in the city police Wireless Workshop in Rippon Street.
\"In addition, there will be 20 terminals that will enable senior officials to communicate directly,\" said Abir Bhowmik, manager of Simoco systems . \".
In a wireless device, everyone connected to the network can hear any conversation.
The radio relay system excludes this possibility and ensures a high level of secrecy, which may be necessary during communication, taking into account the threat perception during pujas.
In addition, officials claim that this is a direct way of communication and is therefore faster.
\"This is very important for issuing crowd management instructions during Puja.
In addition, if an adverse event occurs, it will help to spread it faster and more clearly . \"
Earlier, for example, if the chief of police wanted to contact a police officer, he had to go through the control room at Lalbazar.
\"Now, all he has to do is play three-
\"The number and contact the relevant officer,\" said a wireless branch official . \".
People can even send text messages to walkie talkie from their phones.
The walkie-talkie is connected to a radio relay system called Bhowmik.
The system is also available via GPS (
Global Positioning System.
In this case, the location of any vehicle can be pin-
Refers to the computer connected through the cluster system.
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