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Constant way photoelectric 300 x300led plate lamp, the home installs the kitchen toilet is preferred

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-02
Constant way photoelectric is a professional LED flat light manufacturers, production of LED flat light design is good, high light efficiency, long life, energy saving save electricity, used all say good! Constant road lighting production of flat lamp complete size, 600 x 600300 x 600300 x 1200 size, can be used for household lighting, and can be used for office lighting and other places, especially 300 x300led plate lamp, absolutely is preferred LED lamps and lanterns of the kitchen toilet in the home lighting. Constant road lighting 300 x300led flat light USES high brightness LED lamp bead as light source, 8 - Optional 18 w, no stroboscopic drive, low power consumption, long life, safe and reliable, with between hutch absolute peace of mind. If an 8 w LED flat light, installed in the kitchen, only need to use about three hours a day, then the market of the whole aluminum glow different measurement, it is emitting LED panel lamp, frame painting into a white, fashion, it is not easy to change color. But is because is the flat light is light, science of heat treatment is more effective guarantee long-term stability of the LED lamp bead and power supply. 'Hang road lighting 300 x300led plate lamp gentle appearance, high brightness, the light is downy, quality is good, lives in a hutch defends the preferred' comes from the customer mouth said. Constant occupy the core commercial lighting, road lighting quality panel lamp is the best partner of domestic engineering agents and foreign trade business. Constant road lighting 300 x300led 300 x 600600 x600LED flat plate lamp and the light is more widely used in office buildings and some high-end business place, his energy conservation and environmental protection, high brightness, the advantages of novel styles, loved by all of us. We started in January 2016 in cooperation with some engineering school in xian, gradually open the school project market. Constant road lighting LED flat light can be expected, the prospect of as long as we stick to strictly the quality pass, not the core of the price war, can let us in a tough go more steady in the LED lighting industry further.
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