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chilling moment isis suicide bomber walks through istanbul airport next to pilot caught on cctv

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-07
It was the face of a suspected suicide bomber who calmly headed to the terminal before he began the killing attack.
The picture shows man-
Wearing a dress that looks like a pufa jacket in the summer --
Enter Ataturk airport with an uninformed pilot.
According to Hurriyet, other CCTV footage showed another man dressed in black shooting while moving inside the building.
It is believed that they were two of the three people who exploded in the terminal building on Wednesday. They first picked up the people with guns, then detonated a suicide vest and fired fire flames inside the terminal building.
The Turkish government says these are Isis extremists.
However, the Islamic group has not announced the attack so far.
Their atrocities have killed at least 41 people, most of them Turkish citizens, including a hero customs officer who desperately prevented the attackers, a man about to get married and a young graduate, he died because he went back to help the injured.
The living survivors tell us the blood.
The floor and debris were stained.
Covered floors, scared passengers and families crying.
British photographer Lawrence Cameron had just landed at the beginning of the attack.
As he walked into the terminal, those who escaped from the bombs and bullets were fleeing.
\"It must be when we land,\" he told the Daily Mail . \".
\"I didn\'t even hear the explosion, but the whole building was screaming at me as I walked out around the corner.
\"It\'s just a massive panic, and the guards run around with guns.
\"The only way to get out of the building is through where the bomb was detonated less than an hour ago.
\"There is blood on the floor.
It\'s terrible.
Debris everywhere.
A lot of the ceiling fell off and the floor was everywhere.
\"Out of the taxi team, there was a complete ambulance.
The parking lot is full of blood.
People are crying, especially those with families.
They were obviously scarred.
There\'s a lot of uncertainty and no one really knows what\'s going on.
Where are we safe?
He added: \"There is no place to go [except through passport control [
If you\'re in the airport terminal. It\'s not nice -
It should be safe, but at that moment it is not.
\"Some of the people killed on Wednesday just came to the airport to meet their loved ones or do a job, including the 38-year-old Gesel Kurnaz, who was picking up his boss at the airport.
Joseph Haznedaroglu will be married within 10 days: The photo shows him smiling in front of the camera and the woman who should be his bride.
Yeni Ise Girmisti has just started a new job, and Gülsen Bahadir, a TGS Yer employee who was considered shot, wrote on her Facebook a week ago that I love you, thank you, everything in my life \".
Today, a friend wrote on her Facebook page: \"rest in heaven with a beautiful person. . .
\"There were incredible brave stories on Wednesday.
Customs officer Umut Sakaroglu was hailed as a hero for his actions.
When a terrorist tried to pass the first security measures, he stood guard.
Aware of the dangers, Sakaroglu appears to have shot a suicide bomber who detonated his belt and killed customs officials.
However, a source told Hurriyet that his colleagues said more people would be killed if he did not take action.
\"Unfortunately, Sakarogl was killed at the time.
But without intervention, there will be more casualties.
\"Friends and family began to accept the death of Serkan Turk, 24. year-
Go to the airport to pick up my mother\'s old sports graduates.
After he tried to help the first group of injured people, he was killed by a second explosion.
The first funeral was held on Wednesday, in accordance with Muslim tradition, within 24 hours.
The coffin of Siddik Turgan, a customs official, was carried up by dozens of family members, while his upset daughter continued to look and reached out to get her father\'s coffin.
Taxi drivers at the airport also gathered for the funeral of the 51-year-old driver Mustafa balakry.
Ozur Buzakci was waiting to collect the body of her father and cried when she told Hurriyet: \"I can\'t find anything to say.
Many people were injured.
On this holy day, they hurt all.
No Justice.
\"As these families begin to bury their dead, stories coming from inside the terminal continue to surface.
Two South African tourists from Cape Town, Paul and Susie Roos, are at the airport and will fly home when the explosion occurs, heading to the departure hall, the first floor above the arrivals.
\"When we heard these gunshots, we came from where we arrived to where we left the port, on the escalator,\" Mr Roos told the news agency . \".
\"There was a guy wandering around, he was dressed in black and had a gun in his hand.
He added: \"We went directly to the international airport and saw the man shooting at random . \"
He\'s just shooting anyone forward.
There\'s no mask on his face.
I\'m 50 metres away from him.
\"We hid behind the counter, but I stood up and looked at him.
Two explosions occurred in succession.
He had stopped shooting by then.
He turned around and began to walk towards us.
He hid his gun in his jacket.
He looked anxiously around to see if anyone would stop him and then walked down the escalator.
We heard more gunshots, then there was another explosion, and then it was over.
At the time of the attack, Ali Tekin, another witness who arrived in the hall, said: \"There was a huge explosion and the sound was very loud.
The roof collapsed.
It\'s terrible in the airport. You can\'t recognize it. It\'s a big loss.
\"A German woman named Duigu is entering the passport control station in Turkey, and she says she pounced on the floor when she heard the explosion.
Some witnesses also reported that gunfire had been heard shortly before the attack.
\"Everyone started to run away.
Blood and body parts are everywhere.
\"I saw bullet holes on the door,\" she said outside the airport . \".
Another witness, Otfah Mohamed Abdullah, told AFP: \"Someone came to shoot us and then my sister ran away.
I didn\'t know which way she was running, and then I fell down.
I was on the ground before he finished. . .
I can\'t find my sister.
\"After the attack, the roads around the airport were blocked for normal passage, and several ambulances could be seen traveling back and forth.
Hundreds of passengers flocked out of the airport while others sat on the grass.
The 12-year-old Hevin Zini and her family, who had just arrived from duseldorf, Germany, shed tears in shock.
\"There is blood on the ground,\" she told The Associated Press . \".
\"Everything was blown into pieces. . .
If we arrive two minutes earlier, it may be us.
\"South African Judy favesh, who had been on her way home from Dublin for two days, had just checked in and heard the explosion, followed by gunfire and loud noises.
She said she was hiding under the counter for a while.
Favish MS said passengers were taken to the cafeteria on the ground floor and were shut down for more than an hour before being allowed outside.
Meanwhile, a BBC radio host relieved her by saying she was safe after she received a phone call from her daughter.
19-year-old Sophie mckenterre, the daughter of Stephanie mckenterre, has been at Ataturk airport on her way to South Korea.
Mrs. mackintell of Felix Stowe told the BBC: \"Thankfully, I finally managed to catch her, she was on the plane, but didn\'t know why they were caught.
So I gave her some simple details.
I didn\'t want to scare her, she was there with two friends who were on the plane for five hours.
\"They got off at 00: 30 last night and were allowed into the airport building.
\"Duncan Ross from sugrant Loren met with friends at Ataturk airport when three explosions occurred.
Teacher Ross, who was celebrating his 23rd birthday at the time of the disaster, said: \"I am at the airport.
The second explosion knocked me down.
\"I saw the second person shooting. I saw it all.
\"I \'ve never been so scared in my life, but thankfully, I\'m fine.
\"Elsewhere, witnesses have also described the moment when a hero police officer shot down a suicide bomber before he detonated the explosives, giving vacationers the opportunity to escape and save countless lives.
In the shocking shot, you can see the Gunners crossing the international terminal before they fall to the ground.
Apparently knocked down by police bullets.
Take his AK.
Slip on the floor.
The officer then approached the gunman before realizing he was about to detonate his suicide vest and run for life.
A moment later, when the gunman twisted painfully on the floor, he detonated the bomb and the screen was blank.
It is reported that the gunman arrived at the airport by taxi, trying to pass the security check x-
When they were intercepted by security officials and carried out a fatal attack, the shooting machine at the entrance-
Fired bullets at officers.
According to a Turkish official, two attackers detonated explosives at the entrance of the terminal after being shot by police, while the third attacker detonated himself in the parking lot.
Turkish Airlines is the official airline partner for the 2016 Euro football championship in France and France.
5 million British holidaymakers travel to the UK each year.
Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said all preliminary indications were that Isis had carried out the attack, but no official claims were made to be responsible.
At least one of the attackers was reportedly a foreigner.
When asked whether the fourth attacker had escaped, Mr. Yildirim said that the authorities did not have such an assessment, but were considering various possibilities.
Although Isis has yet to claim responsibility for the attack, supporters of the terrorist group are believed to have been praising the blast online.
According to Breitbart Jerusalem, Isis supporters use encryption forums to say they see the attack as a \"revenge\" against Turkey \".
They reported that the Moroccan jihad said: \"Friends, Turkey has become one of the Axis powers of the pagan countries that are hostile to us.
\"They kill our brothers every day by launching air strikes against our country, and we want our brothers to be responsible for the lucky bombing, which is a natural response, turkey\'s policy towards our brothers is only a small price.
Earlier, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag confirmed that the airport had been attacked at seven. 50pm GMT -9. 50 local time
After his comments, the number of terrorists believed to be involved in the attack rose to three.
\"A terrorist at the entrance to the international terminal first opened fire with a Kalashnikov gun and then detonated himself,\" he told parliament in the capital Ankara.
The Turkish airport carried out security checks at the entrance of the terminal and before subsequently entering the gate.
Airport though-
Third busiest in Europe
According to the BBC, it has long been seen as a vulnerable target.
When there is x
The ray scanner at the entrance, the safety inspection of the car is limited, which makes the airport exposed to the so-called \"main, common\" environment
Co-attack \".
BBC reporter Mark Lowen said on a grounded plane on the Ataturk runway: \"Due to what happened at the airport, we were kept on board and were not allowed to disembark.
\"Of course, we were not told when we could leave the plane.
\"I have lived here for two years and often think that entering this airport is a potentially fragile place where there may be attacks because cars entering the airport area are not constantly searched.
\"That is, when you walk into the terminal, there is x-
Machine and scanner
\"The first photo that came out of the airport showed a scene of destruction, with debris and ceiling tiles scattered on taxis lined up outside the airport.
A photo of the scene shows an AK-
47 people were abandoned on the floor of the airport after the attack.
The dead included five Saudis, two Iraqis, a Tunisian, an Uzbek, a Chinese, an Iranian, a Ukrainian and a Jordanian.
Following the attack, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged the international community to \"jointly combat\" terrorism, the fourth deadly bombing in Islamabad alone this year.
He said: \"There is no difference between Islamabad and London, Ankara and Berlin, Chicago or Antalya and Rome for terrorist organizations.
\"If all nations, all human beings are not united, every terrible thing in our minds will happen one by one.
I hope that this explosion at Ataturk airport will be a milestone and a turning point in the fight against terrorist organizations around the world.
\"If nations, as all mankind, fail to unite to fight terrorist organizations together, all the possibilities that we fear in our hearts will be realized one by one.
He added: \"The attacks that took place during Ramadan indicate that the terrorist attacks do not take into account beliefs and values.
British Prime Minister David Cameron called the terrorist attack \"terrible \".
Cameron, who attended his last EU summit with other leaders in Brussels, said Britain would continue to work with other countries after Brexit, \"to protect the security of our country, to protect our people.
It is especially important to say this again tonight when there is another terrible terrorist attack in Turkey . \".
Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Philip Hammond said he was \"shocked by the attack in Turkey \".
We are always ready to help.
US presidential candidate Donald Trump said the threat of terrorism was \"never so great \".
\"We must now take steps to protect the United States from terrorist attacks and do everything we can to improve our security to ensure the security of the United States,\" he said in a statement . \".
Hillary Clinton, his opponent and Democratic presidential candidate, added that \"all Americans are united with the Turkish people against this campaign of hatred and violence \".
While NATO leaders strongly condemned the \"terrible attack\" and said Turkey\'s 27 allies in the United StatesS-
Leading political and military organizations stand with them.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg
In a statement, the general said: \"I express my sympathy to the victims, the injured and the families of the Turkish people.
\"There is no reason for terrorism.
The NATO allies, united with Turkey, are determined to combat terrorism in all its forms.
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