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childhood memories inspire digital projects

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-18
The new picture book resources have been officially launched recently.
The project, called uTales, integrates more than 1,000 professional writers and illustrators from around the world.
The author, Niles von Hahn, told the reader.
Com, after visiting his grandparents summer house, the idea of the project came up.
I found some old picture books that I liked when I was a child but have never seen in more than 20 years.
I was amazed at how much of these books I really remember, and it reminded me of how important picture books are to growing children.
However, my next idea is how sad it is that when I was young, I had only a few people to motivate and educate me.
Niles von Hyne said, so I decided to create something that would allow more children to access more great picture books.
While building the uTales platform, nil and some friends even started inviting writers and illustrators to become utalers before uTales was ready for release.
Most of them are from the United States, but now they are from all over the world.
The first uTalers were very helpful in creating great books for uTales, but equally important in shaping the concept of uTales.
As we plan for the future of utaris, we listen very much to our readers and the utaris, continued utaris.
Creators want to make uTales a safe place to provide high for kids
So all the books are approved by their editorial team (
By famous editor Emma D ·Dryden).
However, the approval process is much faster than traditional publishers (
Days compared to month).
The project currently has 149 fully approved and published books in English, with more books waiting to be approved in the coming days.
Visitors now have access to all the books about uTales.
In the free uTales app for iPad and iPhone.
Our goal is to change the industry with the publishing industry at its core and make it more social, attractive and modern.
UTales is first classever community-
Drive and subscribe
The basic platform of high-quality digital picture books.
\'We are changing the way picture books are created, bought, and read, \'says Mr. nilnil.
Our goal is to build something good;
Good for talented storytellers, parents and children.
He concluded by adding that uTales is a new way to enjoy modern picture books, and doing so also makes the world better for children, one story at a time.
According to Mónica Coca, author of PixelMoon children\'s book, one of the main objectives of the uTales project is effective marketing.
As an author, I think this kind of project will be in the future and will bring new talents.
I like the idea of paying a small amount of money per month, which is a simple price and has unlimited access to all titles.
I think they would be a huge audience of readers if uTales knew how to properly market the project.
I will keep an eye on them!
Children have the opportunity to read a large catalogue of books that otherwise would be difficult to find, and parents are assured that their children will always choose high quality reading, of course, for writers and illustrators, this is a great opportunity to showcase their work.
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