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changing your tv set?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-29
If your family is like me, October and November are tense months.
There is a lot of pressure on the wallet.
The most important thing is the upgrade of the TV.
While letting go of the good ol\' crt TV you trust seems to break your heart, dazzling emerging technologies do make you think, maybe the TV you have is from the Jurassic era that the era has come.
Which flat-screen TV did you buy? What size?
What about the fact that the 30 th lady on the Indian TV series ended up looking like the 36 th on widescreen TV?
The new generation of flat panel TVs is called LCD TVs because their display is made up of LCD monitors.
In the LCD screen, the light source at the back produces pure white light, which is further colored and filtered by the gate array created by liquid crystal technology.
Another popular screen technology is plasma technology, which is an array of 100-200 million small bulbs to produce primary colors.
Preferred plasma in large display (40” and more)
Because of the economy of production, LCD with smaller size is more popular (50” and less)
Fine images are required.
Other screen technologies such as AMOLED have not been adopted due to high cost.
One development of the LCD panel is the IPS panel.
Unlike ads, the IPS panel does not harden to withstand screen taps.
The IPS panel actually guarantees a better view of the image.
The viewing angle of traditional LCD TV is-
The IPS panel is increased by at least 135 degrees to 170 degrees.
This eliminates a typical LCD problem, and the brightness and vibration of the image can be affected if you view the image from the side rather than the front and center.
Vertical problems are more obvious than horizontal ones.
The latest pop word for flat-screen TV is led TV.
In these TVs, the light source used to produce white light consists of an array of LED bulbs, rather than the fluorescent lamp technology used in traditional LCD TVs.
The screen itself is still an LCD panel.
LED backlight has the advantages of uniform brightness and long service life.
If you buy led TV, be sure to ask whether the salesperson TV is \"Edge Lit\" or \"full backlight \".
Class 2 math helps you calculate the best screen size for your home.
Simply multiply your viewing distance by 4 to reach the screen size in inches.
For example, if you\'re sitting 8 feet away, then a 32-inch TV is ideal for you.
To calculate the viewing distance by screen size, divide the screen size by 4 to get the viewing distance in feet.
One thing to note is that the crt TV image is actually 1.
22 times higher than the LCD TV image.
To get the image height of a 21-inch crt TV, you need a 26-inch LCD TV.
The 32-inch LCD TV image has the same height as the 27-inch crt TV image.
What about the circular image on TV?
The fundamental problem is that our broadcasters make content in a 4:3 ratio, while LCD TV screens make content in a 16:9 ratio.
Almost square images in 4: 3 format must be \"stretched to fit\" on the rectangular 16:9 screen \".
Nevertheless, all LCD TVs allow you to maintain the image coefficient of 4: 3 (
Black vertical bar appears on the side).
If you still thinkscreen TV? I say yes.
Indian films are made in a wide range
Screen ratio after 70.
The DVD disc has a widescreen image size.
New HD channels such as Discovery and National Geographic are widescreen.
Most importantly, your home video may also be widescreen.
As the next leap in TV technology, 3D TV technology has been widely displayed in India.
But there is still ten years to go before it becomes commonplace.
Broadcasters are slow to adopt emerging technologies because changing devices and processes at their terminals is very expensive.
For example, widescreen content has been common in the past decade, but broadcasters are just warming up now.
Maybe 3D TV is the future, but the festival has arrived!
Best Screen size calculate the best screen size for an LCD TV, just multiply the viewing distance by 4 to reach the screen size in inches.
For example, if you\'re sitting 8 feet away, then a 32-inch TV is ideal for you.
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