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cfius back on the radar with ibm, zoltek deals

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-02
NEW YORK (The Deal)--
After high intervals
Profile deals that raise national security concerns, US foreign investment commissionS.
With China\'s Lenovo Groupon agreeing to buy low-priced products on Thursday, it seems to be back in the spotlight
Power server business of international commercial machines (IBM -Get Report)for $2. 3 billion.
Lawyers representing clients before Treasury CFIUS-
Review led panel for US acquisitionS.
Foreign buyers have said to assets threatened by national security that the deal will almost certainly be reviewed by the Foreign Investment Board for a long time and that the scope of review will exceed the original 30-
Day review phase and move to subsequent 45-
Formal investigation.
CFIUS does not take high-
Since Shuanghui International cleared its $7 account in September, an investigation has been launched.
1 billion acquisition of Smithfield Food
Kaye Scholer partner Farhad jal, who represented clients before CFIUS, said that foreign buyers are buying more and more shares here and have experienced a full 75-
But this time, it is especially possible because IBM\'s x86 service is widely used in the United States. S. government.
\"The technology seems to be considered quite low --
There are a lot of competitors in this industry, [is]
\"What is unknown is the extent to which these IBM servers are used in government infrastructure and the extent to which they are used to potentially create loopholes for national security,\" he said . \".
O\'Melveny & Myerspartner Ted Kassinger represented IBM before CFIUS. Lenovo is well-
CFIUS knows because the company bought IBM\'s personal computer business for 2005.
CFIUS approved the agreement against some US companies. S. lawmakers.
Lenovo did not disclose its obligations, but company officials said they did not have to compromise on Lenovo\'s location in sensitive research, as some had predicted, lenovo\'s ability to sell PCs to the United States has not been limited. S. agencies.
With regard to Lenovo\'s latest deal, Jalinous said it would be difficult, externally, to assess the extent to which national security loopholes require government mitigation measures.
Lenovo may get some benefit from the known number of CFIUS, he said.
There\'s been a deal that recently entered 45-
With CFIUS\'s investigation phase, St. Louis-
Based on carbon fiber manufacturer Zoltek (ZOLT)
Japanese rival Dongli industrial announced a $0. 584 billion deal in September.
Toray and Zoltek announced on Tuesday that CFIUS is looking into the deal, 45-
The daytime phase will end on March 3.
The results of the survey showed that the two companies extended the termination period of the merger from January 31 to April 30.
Dongli is a networking event organized by Shida Arps in the United States.
Zoltek\'s products are used for wind energy, automotive, offshore drilling, infrastructure, thermoplastic composites, aircraft brakes and aerospace products.
\"There must be a link between carbon fiber and national security,\" Jalinous said . \".
\"The deal does raise some concerns, but Japan is a close ally.
\"Buyers may be less worried than countries with more opposition to US relations. S.
When CFIUS finished 45-
The Daily survey, it can solve the national security problem by easing the conditions, or suggest that the president block the agreement.
Jalinous emphasized joining the consultation on corruption-
The day\'s survey did not indicate a potential problem with CFIUS.
Since the revision of the CFIUS authorized statue in 2007, the panel has received more requests and more transactions are not fully reviewed within the first 30 days.
\"Now, go 45-
\"The day\'s investigation does not mean there is a national security issue,\" he said . \".
\"They may just be out of time.
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