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cbi chief alok verma removed by pm modi-led panel

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-02
NEW DELHI (Reuters)-
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
The government said Chief Minister Alok Verma was ousted Thursday by a group led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, drawing criticism from the main opposition parliament.
Congress said on Twitter: \"Prime Minister Modi removed AlokVerma from his position without giving him the opportunity to present his case, again indicating that he was too afraid to investigate.
Verma and his deputy were suspended on October after they accused each other of bribery and interference in the investigation.
The dispute embarrassed CBI, who played a similar role as the United States. S.
It has also led to allegations that the Modi government is undermining the independence of the agency.
The Supreme Court ordered the government to resume Verma on Tuesday, but banned him from making major policy decisions before the investigation ended.
In his earlier petition to the court, Verma said his ouster weakened \"the independence of the agency\" and the morale of its officials.
Some critics say government behavior is part of a broader pattern of government dictatorship.
A government statement announcing the removal of Verma said he was appointed fire chief.
Statement called M
Najishvar Rao took over from him.
The CBI is investigating several high-profile cases, including $2 billion in fraud cases by the Punjab National Bank, involving the fugitive diamond billionaire Modi av Modi, the wine baron Vijay Mallya, in arrears of loans,
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