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california dreamin\': 10 best reasons to go to san jose

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-14
Do you know the way to San Jose?
In the heart of California
Tech Silicon Valley, vibrant San Jose and its vicinity-
Woven neighbors offer a wealth of entertainment: rich cultural scenes, lush natural escape and delicious different cuisines including Michelin-
Bragging rights in star restaurants (
Here\'s more applause about this).
St. Joseph is a comfortable and exciting resort.
This cool, innovative thing has long been a hot spot for re-invention.
For the first time as an agricultural shrine, it has farms, vineyards and orchards (
Considered the oldest settlement in California, founded in 1777)
Now prosper as the center of the point
Thousands of growth tech companies based on Google, Apple, Facebook, eBay, Netflix, Yahoo, Intel, HP, Cisco and Tesla.
It is indeed an influential industry certificate.
San Jose is the third largest city in the state and the tenth largest city in the United States. income, hyper-
The educated population bathed in the glory of the year
Warm and sunny, 50 miles south of San Francisco, next door to Toros Gatos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale
Here are 10 best bets to be discussed: 1 foodie funzanilian, Korea, India, Vietnam-
The San Jose restaurant roster is spinning around the globe.
I like it very much.
Hiding in a historic homestayla-
Lala is in front of its big Marnier soufry.
The Nemea Greek pub, owned by the theTsigaris family, offers delicious dishes that make Greece proud.
Holly and John Smith, please be kind to the owners of the pit-
In the historic Moose Hotel building, there is a smoked barbecue and a small batch of Dry Creek barbecue.
For nearly 40 years, the Shah family has brought the exotic atmosphere of the Moroccan restaurant in tomena, Morocco, decorating the restaurant with colorful fabrics, and booking belly dancing for entertainment.
Since 1977, France-
There are many problems caused by redle Papillonhas
Honor and tasting/Grand Prix-
The fixed menu is an exquisite feast.
China, a cave and tad-
Chef Chris Yeo\'s nightclub restaurant in Santana Street is excited about its outstanding contribution to the invention of dim sum in China, which means \"something from the heart \".
\"For casual cuisine, head to the St. Joseph Pedro Square Market, a restaurant with a wide variety of foods such as Arepa & Mas (Columbian), Chocatoo (
Australian dessert bar)
, Pizza Bocca Lupoand Treatbot (Ice cream truck). The brick-walled, woodsy-
Decorated Farmers Union restaurant and Barrocks is an American pub with over 50 handmade beers and vintage cocktails from notableFarmer (
Knob Creek bourbon, aged for two months, mixed with rucado Chry and orange pulp in white oak barrels).
Other satisfying drinks, bumper cups: artisan beer and Internet cafes (
Passionate community supporters of craft beer-based-only menu)andPaper Plane(
Make cocktails with names such as Oh My, Pulp Fiction and Riff Raff, as well as bitesas such as Dongyin boiled peanuts, Brussels bean sprouts tortillas and mom\'s spaghetti).
Like farmer\'s market?
San Jose has a variety of flavors every day.
Then cross the tonibi of Luz Gatos: in catamon, under a more historic building of Luz Gatosthan-100-year-
American, old tree (
Macaroni cheese, grilled green mouth, grilled swordfish with butter beans)
It exudes a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere.
It\'s definitely a foundation. back hang-
However, it is satisfactory that the chefs here are affected by New Orleans food, drinks and music.
The owner, David Kinch, grew up at Commander\'s Palace and was trained by chef Paul pollahold.
Bywater\'s chef, David Morgan, has also made achievements at the Nora restaurant, where he manages the popular friendly menu steadily.
Go for fried green tomatoes, p\'boys, fried chicken, oyster stone-a-
Gumbo z\'herbs and raw bar, rush down with the most delicious water-
Tuning cocktails such as Sazarec (
Black Whiskey, armagnac, Cumberbatch St. , Peychaud\'s bitters)and Devil Cat(
Duzon, Batavia Arak, Amaro, raspberry, cayenne, lebih)
If you can, smoke a table outdoors.
His first Los Gatos restaurant, Manresa-its culinary-pendulum-swung-in-the-opposite-
Direction of water.
Chef Mitch Lienhard and sommelier, master Jim Rodham
Its tasting menu calls for life
A sure celebration.
The small Portuguese community of San Jose, withereaderie, a certified Portuguese restaurant owned by Carlos and Fernanda Carrera, shines with Michelin stars (
The only Michelin restaurant in San Jose).
Portuguese-born chef David Costa and San Jose-born pastry chef Jessica Carrera create impeccable delicacy and sweets, five-and seven-
Course tasting menu, play their superb talents on local classics such as Polvo a laglagareiro (Grilled octopus), Caldo Verde (
Vegetable potato soup)
Soft, whole wheat (salt codfish)
, Ventuais Ovos (
Abbey candy made of egg yolk and sugar)
Amaga (
Bitter sweet chocolate almond pie).
This is a restaurant.
Good memory maker, warm atmosphere.
The walls of some royal palaces are decorated with the famous Portuguese blue decorative tiles azulejos.
Impressive wine list
Of course, of the 100 best restaurant cellars in the United States, one of the Portuguese wine collections outside Portugal --shines. 2 VA-VA-
With all the high-
Vineyards and wineries may be in the area-
The footsteps of some tourists. A mistake.
Not only are there delicious grapes to taste, but many wineries also have fascinating background stories to listen --
The hotel was very happy with the tour and wine tasting.
Of the many major options, there are two that are particularly noteworthy.
TestarossaWinery and wine tasting rooms in Los Gatos from historic novitiate (
Student home of Seminary)
The Jesuit was originally built in 1888 to produce altar wine and fortified wine (
Including a popular award
Win Black Muscat sweet wine similar to the port of Tan)
Almost 100.
Ironically, production soared during the ban.
The ancient stone cellar has been integrated into the modern-
Expansion of the day winery.
Translate one in Italian and pay tribute to the red nickname
When I was in college in Italy, I was with him now.
He owns wine with his wife, Diana Yansen.
Winnemark bill broso completed the three-person team, leading the creation of the small team
Get 90-blackpinot and chardonnay wines
Plus the score for leading wine publications.
The song of ridge ner in Cupertino is about relying on nature and tradition, not technology. Itsanecdote-
The rich history dates back to 1885, but today in 1962, engineers at the wereStanford Institute and conjureda praised Monte Bello Cabernet, followed by Zinfandelswith small-
Economies of scale contributions of Carini Ang, Chardonnay, Greiner, Petite Sirah and syrah). Othermovers-
Shaker joined the ranks, including a philosophy major at Stanford University, who is critical to Rich\'s future.
What is refreshing is that the pre of Ridge-
The mission of industry is to taste delicious food
Eating grapes, limiting interventions, and encouraging what makes every grape the best is a success.
3 technicians get up-
For many travelers, getting close to tech giants can be an exciting thing, and they realize that this is where they interact daily with Google, Facebook, Apple and many other networks --
Celebrity online worldpass through.
It is understandable that it is impossible to enter the corporate campus of security protection --
Unless you have a business meeting there or your friend is an employee.
There are many local travel companies, such as private travel companies, drivers and tourists to different front-
The gate, when they saw the exterior of the building, was accompanied by an ace guide who shared the rich story.
Sharon Tegra points out street signs such as Ashker Road, Apple Avenue and unlimited circulation and drives past modest pastures
Steve Jobs\'s childhood home, where, in the middle
1970, he and Steve Wozniak built the first Apple computer in the garage.
If you want to dive deeper
Richer wallet resources)
The Silicon Valley legend tour brings more interactive opportunities for everyone, such as speaking at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center, then meeting at Stanford University, and then stopping at Google headquarters. The Intel Museum, Apple headquarters and Tesla experience, including the X-test drive, are also connected with Silicon Valley practitioners. Another tech-
San Jose\'s Museum of technological innovation is a smart, smart idea.
Museum of Science and Technology. Its well-
Experience learning exhibition-
Such as body world decoding, cyber detectives, Healthcare Innovation, Rebooting Reality and global public welfare Technologies
It attracts tourists of all ages.
4 nurtured by the amazing network of NATUREWith 60 miles of paths (
Hiking, cycling)
28 miles away-
The street bikeway in San Jose connects residential areas to entertainment and workplaces, becoming the leader in green commuting.
Often hailed as one of the healthy American cities, San Jose and its neighborhood offer dozens of natural --
Cherish, outdoor activities, etc. 5. 5-
Rose Garden (
4,000 rose shrubs of 189 varieties),5,242-
Rock State Park (
Huge redwood and fir, horse riding and rock climbing),3. 3-
Historical Orchard (
There are more than 200 fruit trees),4,471-
Reservoir Park, AcreCalero county, 740-
Alum Rock Park (
Within the Canyon of the foothills of the dark mountains),172-
Kelly Park (acres)
There are butterfly garden and Japanese Friendship Garden)
Lake andamaden Park has 65 acres of land and 30 acres of lake (
Boating, fishing, horse shoes, volleyball and basketball).
Artencompass\'s Jose an Jose Museum has a permanent collection of about 2,500 pieces of contemporary and contemporary art.
Its rotating exhibition is visually exciting.
Sofa areas, art galleries, independent cafes and local artists and musicians gather in downtown San Jose --
And host an art walk on the first Friday of the month South, a simple mix-with-the-locals event.
San Jose Academy of Contemporary Art is an eye --opener;
Convincing and challenging work is inspiring.
Rosicrusian Egyptian Museum and planetary museum are the largest collection of Egyptian relics in western North America, with a very different artistic focus.
For a softer look, the theSan Jose Museum showcases more than 1,000 pieces of permanent collections and produces a Display Center-stage quilt-
Experts in fiber artists and crafts.
The 6 shops on Santana Street in Popan Jose are compared to Beverly Hills\'s Rodeo Drive, however, this attractive revitalization of the city center with the big shops in both countries
Name store and oneof-a-
Shop by hand. Seeking hand-crafted gifts —
From art to jewelry?
Noodles are everywhere in the market.
Want to know shoe designers in Europe and Asia?
Harajuku boutique station.
Happy mood?
Penelope boutique stock
From clothing for special occasions to statement pieces for leisure.
7 vibrant entertainment activities prepare for going outof-this-
World experience of Winchester Mystery House-
The strange thing is
Dear, interesting.
A mansion of two buildings. story, eight-
The wealthy gun heiress who died in 1922, Sarah Winchester\'s room farmhouse.
After the death of her young daughter and husband convinced her that she was cursed, Winchester consulted the Proview and tried to appease the ghost made by Winchester rifle.
She has been working for 38 years.
It\'s weird and beautiful.
Gorgeous wood and stained glass.
She is obsessed with the 13 th (13-
13-step ladder
13 ceilings, 13 bathrooms, 13 ceilings on many ceilings;
Even Winchester signed 13 times. .
Small room, Spider
Network theme, a corridor with nowhere to go, a door to two people
The story drops, opens the door to the blank wall, stops at the stairs on the ceiling, windows facing other rooms, and windows located on the floor.
There is a security room with almost no nails at all, and it is a supernatural activity according to many tour guides.
Now, the property is open to the public, touring on a daily basis and features a handful of TV shows, for the first time being used as a movie set for the CBS film Winchester: a house built by ghosts, the supernatural thriller, starring Helen Millan and Jason Clark, was released on February 2018.
See the trailer: 8 reach out and get another out-of-this-
Experience the world and explore the Lick Observatory owned and operated by the University of California.
It is the world\'s first permanently occupied hilltop observatory.
Staring from 1888
In the awesome 360-degree-
Watch the top of Mount Hamilton in the dark mountains east of San Jose, and visitors can go directly through 36-
Large folding mirror in inches.
Link watchers recently teamed up with the breakthrough listening program by late theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, costing $100
Millions of initiatives to find intelligent life in the universe.
Join the vivid lecture of famous astronomers.
Collection of stars for photos and maps of Stare ata.
Make it a day: before driving a winding road to the top of the mountain
Overnight, dine on the way to Italyinspired, farm-to-
Table grand view restaurant in Hamilton Mountain, with a table on the terrace if possible, you can easily enjoy the spectacular views of Santa Clara Valley.
Skilled waiters and pianists whose music inspires diners to spin around the dance floor make the resort high on the hillside.
Army three happy eco, EDU, EMOFACTSSan Jose is Pro
Eco Superstar, recycle most of the rubbish and reduce pollution by bringing your own bag regulations: grocery stores, pharmacies and other retailers cannot provide plastic bags at checkout. The Dr.
Martin Luther King
Library, the largest United University
Municipal Library of America (
Cooperation between San Jose State University and San Jose Public Library system)
It can accommodate more than 500 visitors at the same time and provides public use of 300 computers.
A collection of browsing one by one.
The King and civil rights movement (
Free wifi).
Glassdoor is a leading job and recruitment site, and according to Glassdoor, St. Joseph workers rank their jobs
Tips for job satisfaction-
The highest level of Americans.
10 all the right nights MOVESIn San Jose: elegant, 20-story, two-
Tohumont, San Jose (
728 rooms with 77 suites)
Garners restaurants, including the grill recommended in the Alley (
Known for steak, ribs, seafood, fudge brownie pie
And 24-vibrant Tova day spa
Rooftop pool and terrace.
Santana Street Chicago Hotel ValenciaRoom 215)
Custom Vbar cocktail lounge
Bedspread designed in Gypsy
Linen and ayear-
Outdoor pool and hot tub. An Art Deco-
Spanish Colonial Renaissance architecture, Hotel de Anza, destination hotel (Room 100)
On the National Register of Historical Places, it heralds a jazz club, an Italian restaurant, and is known for its distinguished celebrities since its opening in 1931.
Hayes House (Room 214)
Luxury private estate in former Spanish colonial Renaissance
Style, the outdoor pool, tennis court, large fitness center and outdoor lounge are ideal for sunbathing on the National Historic Sites list.
Los Gattos Hotel & Spa in Los Gattos: greston Hotel (
72 spacious rooms)
Radiation Mediterranean-
Style of Villa and California charm-esque, floral-
Decoration, art
Comfortable layout including outdoor swimming pool with jet-just-
Right hot tub, comfybathrobes with slippers, Egyptian-
Gilchrist & soamestoiltries with cotton sheets; dog-
It was also friendly to inform in advance.
Its GreekDio Dekarestaurant is exceptional.
Strive for thekefthavel (
Delicious fal lamb meatballs with cheese)
And whole branzino fish sage, thyme-
Peel lemon potatoes and leave overtheBaklava roll with slow
Baked banana and vanilla bean ice cream.
Now you know the way to San Jose.
For more information, visit St. Joseph and California.
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