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brunch review: the glass house cafe, northcote

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-07
Address: 7/3 Akoranga driver, pH value of rich country :(09)
419 5652 online: Open: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 8am-
Three o\'clock P. M. fee: $38 for two (
One dish free of charge)
We are excited to find that this part of the suburbs has opened a cafe, which is different from the other half of it, Cape Northcott, which has been a long time
The brunch agency ignored it.
The glass house appeared in the building that previously housed the Fox Mall (
For those with longer memories, it was a Palmers garden center before that).
The origin of the name is obvious --
Upon entering the door, the customer is surrounded by leaves and hanging potted plants, and surrounded by light through a clear ceiling.
However, the sad thing across the counter is industry-
Look for panels and doors from neighboring businesses.
All food and food
The menu during the day seems to be quite standard and there are some twists and turns that can reach a certain level, such as the tempting \"human feast\" of black rice porridge, pears and rouge, dry berries, coconut cream and pistachio.
But on this visit, we chose \"The optimistic bannidik egg\" and used the beet on brioche --
Salmon and bear fish ($21 -
Another option is to simmer pork belly and jalapeno with coconut and lemon grass;
\"Corn porridge and vegetable pile\"
A tortilla of grilled vegetables topped with romesco sauce and chopped olives ($18)
And the side of stre meat ($5).
The coffee came from Green2B beans while we waited and did a great job.
Our food, and the delicious Kumara fries ($8)
Beautifully presented.
The Vege stack is delicious and offers a great
Taste matching.
However, the egg Bennie
A salad.
Love with the style of the poached egg above-
Proved to be a low point in the morning.
The salmon is delicious but the eggs are cold
It can\'t seem to stand the salmon and salad below.
The service and other stuff staff were very helpful and offered to make amends for the cold eggs, but as the dish was overall good my companion persisted.
However, they did remove it from our bill and seem to appreciate the feedback.
It will be interesting to see how the glass house develops.
The menu is \"seasonal\" and there is a wide variety of coffee, tea and smoothies on the drink menu.
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