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brand summit south africa calls for govt to ‘talk with one voice’ to promote sa

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-28
Saoli Moon, the convener of the South African brand summit, believes that President Cyril ramafusa has taken control of the country, which is not convincing.
\". . . The progress of the National Speech [is not enough]to]
Send out the message that the president controls everything, and his government will use a voice, a script, to solve many problems that are currently plaguing people at home and abroad.
\"The state of the Union was delivered two days after the South African brand summit was held earlier this month at Bowman Gilfillan law firm in Thornton.
The summit as a platform to discuss South Africa\'s changing image and identify ways to enhance the country\'s global appeal was also held after the sixth Democratic election.
\"More political and economic policy coherence is needed, but there is not enough consistency in the state of the Union address.
Moeng added: \"A few days ago, several disreputable people associated with state arrests and other serious forms of misconduct were identified as the chairman of the important parliamentary oversight committee, which
Moeng told City News that the purpose of the summit was to analyze the evolution of South African national brand image and its impact on the economy.
\"If investors don\'t invest money in this country, you won\'t be able to build an inclusive economy, and if racism is too high, or if the rhetoric about South Africa around the world is not good, you won\'t be able to build an inclusive economy, or if South African expats don\'t say good things about South Africa.
The summit is designed to bring different groups, from politicians to the private sector, from individuals to youth, to contribute to our strong dialogue as a national brand, and, frankly, to talk about what needs to be done, and how we can make a difference \".
Some of the panelists at this year\'s summit include former Election Commission Commissioner Terry Tselane, marketing officer for the former Brand SA, Linda magapatona, City News Editorin-
Mbali Motsoeneng, policy and planning manager, Johannesburg city, and Mondli Makhanya, director, KPMG Nosisa Fubu.
There is a diverse and legendary moderator team from Tim modice, pumilani majoz and Marlene le Rukes, who is also the winner of this year\'s summit Influencer Award-the highest award for the summit in recognition of her work for the disabled.
Last year, the award was awarded to Chief Justice Mogoeng and former public protector Professor Thuli Madonsela for their \"efforts to push South Africa against those who are trying to damage her image
The speech at the magapatona auditorium told the participants that democratic South Africa is not only the effort of \"Nelson Mandelle\", but also the collective effort of citizens.
\"The peaceful transition is the result of every South African who has enough wisdom to listen to Mandela\'s leadership.
Any leader can stand up and talk, but that doesn\'t mean people will listen \".
\"Let\'s teach our children a sense of national pride.
When you are proud of something, you will say something nice, \"said Magapatona, referring to the global idols of South Africa, such as the Caster Semenya, Trevor ·
She also said that South Africans took advantage of the wave of Mandela, but we did not make full use of it.
The summit also discussed the impact of politics on South African brands
Male group chaired by Tim Modise.
\"We have to make sure we take our vote seriously.
We should blame ourselves for where we are.
\"We voted for corrupt politicians who robbed and put them in power again, and the front line figures may have changed, but he has been in government,\" Majozi said . \".
The panelists agreed that the president\'s idea of a \"new dawn\" should not be viewed naively, nor should he be regarded as the only savior of the country.
The panelists also mentioned that the media and citizens are the main participants in the positive reality of creating a South African brand in the current political climate and discussed the importance of voter education, not just during the election season, but as an ongoing effort. “SA defeated [
Former President Thabo
Becky and his AIDS PolicySA defeated [
Former President
Jacob Zuma-this guy has never enjoyed a day during his tenure.
The bottom line is that we have overcome the difficulties and now we have matured a lot.
We still have to fight, and I think the power of South Africans is our positive attitude, \"said mondley Mark haña, adding that our reality is not as hopeless as it seems.
\"I think we will see a lot.
The whole fallRamaphosa’s]
Terry Tselane said he added that he was not fully convinced of the image of the \"new dawn.
The last day of the \"protect brands\" summit was the voice of youth and the community, with a wide discussion with the directors of the controversial accounting firm KPMG on the reality of the audit industry, delivered a speech on their work status and efforts to reshape the brand.
The chairman of KPMG\'s board of directors, Wiseman enkulu, said KPMG was prepared to take responsibility for the public interest and learn from the mistakes.
\"KPMG was once the most recognized company in the world.
Even in the training of chartered accountants, we are considered the best, but we are less and less protected.
As long as we benefit from a good brand, we can really feel it when the opposite happens.
But we still need to continue KPMG\'s brand in the challenge.
It is important to protect the brand.
Reconstruction is a long process once it is damaged.
You think two years is enough, but this is not the case. You still need to explain yourself and prove yourself.
This is a heavy price \".
4ir must talk about a young man of Cultural Revolution --
The leading group discussed the reality of future leaders and the fourth industrial revolution.
The members of the group included Meggie macgoba, Mbali mutesoneng, lujoro West Jack, muzivandiller Mahania and krigan Na.
Motsoeneng says the existence of Wi
The city\'s Fi gives young people access to information, which means access to the job market.
She also said that leaving young people in influential places is not enough, but ensuring that their voices play a key role in addressing the challenges facing young people.
Metji Makgoba, a UK PhD student, said, \"The fourth industrial revolution needs to be in dialogue with the Cultural Revolution.
This is important to avoid new forms of inequality.
We need to talk about culture and change our education system . \"
While the group has extensively invited African leaders, who have brought new and diverse ideas to the discussion, the group is poorly represented in terms of gender, with the majority of the group being chaired by men.
Moeng assured the participants that this will improve at the next summit.
\"The 2020 brands summit in South Africa will be held in the first week of June.
The host city has not yet decided.
Starting from 2020, in addition to a greater discussion of South Africa\'s role and status in Africa, we will also organize the event of the \"Brand Summit South Africa-Africa Brand Summit\" week, as this will give our international guests the time to experience the historic sites of important tours, shopping, and host cities, \"said Monon.
The summit ended with a positive attitude, and participants agreed that the South African brand is not just the brand of the country\'s president or politician, but requires the collective efforts of all stakeholders.
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