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bold and thoughtful designs characterize homes at cranston ridge

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They range from 523 square feet to 1,038 square feet and 15 2-
Floor townhouse with double garage.
\"The beauty of this project is that you don\'t have to wait for anything.
Cranston is a well-established community with all the amenities, \"said Brad loger, sales and marketing manager for the lifestyle of Carder, the builder behind the project.
In fact, the project spans the cliff overlooking the Fish Creek Park, with hectares of parks and trails, winding further down to the open space of the Poplar Grove and the river bank towards the bow.
On the cliff, the project is located on the mobile-up and estate-
Style house with tot
There are many on both sides.
\"It\'s all about location,\" Logel said, adding that Cranston Ridge was built on the success of Cadel, his first Cranston project --Cranston Place.
The company also has projects in San Shan, Nolan Mountain and Auburn Bay.
Cranston Ridge spans five stages, with four stages each.
Stone multi-storey building and James Hardy side panels with stunning batten details and welcoming entrance porch.
The project is interwoven through the park and tot plots, with a lovely landscape space designated as a community garden where residents can grow and harvest fresh vegetables.
Two of these phases have been completed and the third phase will be checked in on 2016.
Building 1 presents several floor plans including a popular one bedroom design, 624-
Two square feet West ton plan and four
Bedroom plan including Anniversary, Ridge, Fish Creek and bow 2.
No. 2 Fish Creek, 1,038-
Two square feet
Home with plenty of bedrooms-
Spacious study and large terrace with large kitchen with island.
Here, there is enough space to prepare a sumptuous feast for the company, or to have a comfortable time with friends on the island --
A cup of hot French baked coffee, warm chat.
The design is well thought out and allows private spaces and open areas to entertain large groups.
When a person enters home for the first time, the warm and comfortable atmosphere of this home really begins, where the entrance leads to a long elegant corridor with enough width.
A large piece of floor covered
Wood-reinforced cork flooring with simulated hands
Scraped hardwood.
The entrance to the main living space is stated in the design.
On the left, through a pair of glass French doors, a large study provides a resting and quiet space for working, writing or drinking tea at home.
Second bedroom with oversized windows (
It occupies most of the far wall)
There is also a moderately sized closet that is elegantly placed in the distant corner of the house.
The room was bright and airy with a beautiful accent wall hanging on the wall and dove gray and white striped wallpaper hanging on the wall.
Adjacent to the bedroom is a four
The detached bathroom can be used as both a guest\'s dressing room and the next best option for a second bedroom suite.
Then the corridor spills into the main opening-
Concept living space-large kitchen with white quartz countertops and islands with dining bars and modern waterfall edges sparkled in the sun.
Stainless steel appliances, chandeliers and glass tile tailgates add to the effect.
Because this is a corner Lord.
Floor unit, main space flow with light on both sides.
The sliding door from the large room leads to a large outdoor terrace overflowing with green space.
A linear electric fireplace occupies the central stage of the Great Wall, an artistic work of sculpture-the effect of a black fireplace and a light gray wall.
The master bedroom is in good size and has a place to walk-
Through the built-in wardrobe
In a shelf and a suite with five. foot shower.
The Fish Creek model has two versions that offer the same floor plan concept but different square feet.
Show suite shows Fish Creek 2.
Fish Creek 1 offers a living space of 992 square feet.
Starting at $279,900, plus an upgrade and GST.
The display kit is priced at $327,900 and shows an upgrade worth nearly $30,000.
The price includes a parking space.
Additional title booths are available.
Project: 256 apartments in Cranston Ridge-
Two rooms apartment 15
Floor townhouse with double garage.
Builder: Brookfield Residential Community in southeast Calgary: Cranston.
Show suite: No. 2, Fish Creek, 1,038-square-foot, two-
Bedroom Apartment
Style apartment house with large nest and large terrace.
Fish Creek 1 offers the same floor plan with a slightly smaller area (992 square feet).
Price: start at $279,900 plus upgrade and GST.
The display kit is priced at $327,900 and shows an upgrade worth nearly $30,000.
Location and time: show suites is located at 522 Cranford Avenue. E.
They are open from 2 to 8 from Monday to Thursday. m.
Weekends and holidays from noon to 5m.
Rest on Friday.
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