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Back to south day, how to protect LED flat light from burn fate

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-07
Guangdong 'back to south day' as if this year came earlier than ever before, some fierce, days of the yellow fog weather early warning signal, also let guangdong have a very tide of foreign names 'eve cloth, dry, cool inside, yao tokugawa'. Back to south day so boring, how to protect LED flat light from burn fate? This is a problem. Back to south day, the best seller is the wet extractor, dryer, etc. , and even cool products such as air conditioner, fan also in succession in advance. This let sell LED flat light small make up have to eagerly eating steamed buns, so as not to be affected with damp be affected with damp burned power protection plate lamp, so what are the tips can avoid the LED flat light be affected with damp be affected with damp? A, buy LED flat light note before buy lamps and lanterns, can choose a few IP44 - IP65 LED flat light, moistureproof and dustproof features of LED flat light decided to don't have to worry about 'back to south day' attack. But as a result of the above IP44 LED flat light is very expensive, and back to south day is short, we can buy ordinary LED flat light, pay attention to the following protection measures. 2, engineering LED flat panel lamp had better choose light steel keel ceiling to prevent back to south day damp, the best material choice is to install the LED light steel keel plate lamp, because light steel keel to two or morethings money is not easy to deformation, operation is convenient, easy to resist damp weather. Condole carries on the tide, nature also can protect the LED flat light. Three LED flat light circuit, protection, moisture will not be afraid back to south day wet weather to have a certain influence on the circuit, the main is afraid of threading management with moisture, affect the quality of wire. But there is wire surface protective layer and insulating layer, in fact it is not a great. Four, home use LED flat light, closed doors and Windows is the most important if home to install the LED flat light, be sure to shut the doors and Windows, keep moisture in. If the humidity is too severe, can open the wet extractor, dryer, and even air conditioning, draining the house, then turn off the electric appliances, so also can protect the lamps and lanterns is not affected by wet weather. Nothing more hateful back to south day and only a few days, you need not worry too much, if in a moisture problem because back to south day affected LED flat light, please dail directly the telephone of our after-sales service, we provide solutions and help for you at any time.
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