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armada music\'s impressive headquarters set to host shows for amsterdam dance event

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-08
In today\'s time, it is common for offices to break the boundaries of the working environment. Start-
Ups around the world are implementing more and more casual attributes for their workplace to boost morale, strengthen employee loyalty, and ensure that people who work for them feel comfortable in the workplace.
It\'s not unheard of to see the office lounge with a table tennis table, premium coffee maker, if you\'re really lucky,-
Home beer faucet for Post
Work decompression.
Ah, yes, 2017, more than a year alive!
Considering the electronic music scene is known for creating top music
For those involved, it makes sense for some offices to be attributed to EDM and its operations.
Armada Music, a big European record company, is a good example.
The brand was founded in 2003 by world-renowned DJ and producer Armin Van Buuren and business partners Maykel Piron and David Lewis.
To put it right, Armada Music has a huge subsidiary.
An impressive 50 little Abbey boasts under the umbrella of the invincible fleet, including: Armind, trance, bearded man, main stage music and goldrish.
With such an amazing amount, Armada Music quickly won the status of one of the largest independent record companies in the world of electronic music and was named \"the best record company in the world\" by the International Dance Music Award \"(IDMA)five times.
I can continue to talk about the achievements of Armada Music, but what\'s more interesting is (
Besides the incredible roster of artists, such as Roger Sanchez\'s \"stealth\", Kevin sadsen\'s \"KMS\", sannari James, and Ryan Marciano\'s \"fidik Le Grande-Darklight records,)
Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Office space is impressive in terms of operations.
The walls are covered with art, the office is separated by glass walls, and there are many decorative meeting areas that provide the most incredible working environment for Armada Music employees.
Music is everywhere in the form of a record and sound system, and CDJ\'s music is not too far away from anyone who wants to mix.
The aesthetics of the building remain calm and stylish, making the overall environment feel more like a collection of modern houses than a corporate center.
Armada Music is known for introducing charts to the world
Leading the tracks and constantly looking for the freshest new artists in the electronic music world, it\'s not just a business that sets a precedent for them.
Inside the walls of the Armada Music Office, there is a fully operational radio station for the production of the weekly program \"trance state\" of Armin Van Buuren \".
\"The show is up-and-
Future Artists and the best new tracks;
Not to mention, it won the award for \"Best Mix radio show\" 7 times in IDMA\'s collective.
Office radio is broadcast live every week and offers the hottest new songs for \"trance fans\" every week, the most popular new songs for the future, the new songs for the week, the classic progressive choices for dreamers and
The 30-minute SJ episode of Armada Music\'s \"Armada invite, mix\" includes audio and video for distribution via YouTube and Spotify.
The room itself is stylish and modern and is home to one of the most gorgeous DJ settings I \'ve ever seen.
However, the charm of the building lies in its intimacy.
A family club that hosts many events under the Armada Music brand.
Dance in Amsterdam this week (ADE)
This is an internal club that will be the focus of music and artists from the invincible fleet.
Although many conferences have been held at large international events, with a focus on gears, art, movies and other things related to the world of dance, music tends to occupy a central position --
Armada Music will host some exclusive performances this year.
This small space, located within the Armada Music Home Office, will hold three large events on ADE\'s five-day program starting with \"Armada invite asot836\" on Thursday 10/19
The space itself has a special history of providing an extraordinary, unique and intimate experience for dance lovers.
Instead of selling tickets, the club itself provides fans with a registration process to win a place on the guest list of the invincible fleet Music Office club.
A large number of names were held at the venue (
Like Armin Van Buuren, Borgore, Cedric Gervais, NERVO, Andrew Rayel and Erick Morillo)
In such a small environment, in such an amazing sound system, you will never have a chance to see who.
There\'s an L in the room.
Acoustic sound system with LA4X amplifier;
For such a small space, this is a complete lotta sound explosion.
Each amplifier is equipped with more than 4000 watts of sound to bomb the audience, and famous festivals such as electric zoos around the world have high-quality speakers (NYC)World Tomorrow (Belgium)
Downtown Austin (Texas)
Cochella (California).
In addition to the sound, the lights will be excited with some complete lightsproduction set-
Ups including LED walls and ceiling panels.
The best thing, though, is that the club itself is equipped with the country-of-the-
The ability to broadcast live art in order to provide live broadcast for each event.
All these forces are concentrated in a small room in the Armada Music Office.
Thursday, October 18, the first of the three Special programs
The season version of the \"invincible fleet Invitational competition\" will be held.
What coincides with the special events of the trance state is the \"invincible fleet invitation: ASOT 836.
Armin van Buuren will attend a 14-
Enjoy a crazy trance with dozens of special guests, many of whom (
Including Alpha 9, Andrew Rayel, Heatbeat, Jorn van Deynhoven and Mark Sixma)
Arrive at the club between five o\'clock P. M. and ten o\'clock P. M.
After ten o\'clock P. M. , the party continues to live with \"Trance: Special\" in AFAS.
Then, on Friday, October 20, the club of Armada Music has a groove --
The packed family music hideaway, titled Erick Morillo, is backed up with a range of extras including: Danny Howard (BBC Radio 1)
Little Sanchez, Kevin Sanderson, Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry, etc.
Saturday\'s cornerstone event will be helped by the frequency lost by Julian Jordan, Thomas Gould, Sudan Sheppard, vassal elegance, and Morris West (just to name a few)
These events will definitely highlight some of the best talent in their style and provide some amazing glasses for some dance music lovers who should be lucky to attend.
However, if you do not do so, please note that each group will be broadcast live directly from www. ade. armadamusic. com.
The company itself is proud of its passion and dedication, and from the look of their headquarters it is clear that these features are influenced by the ability of the label to boost morale.
I mean, if they wake up every day to work in places like Armada Music, who won\'t try to be successful at work?
Seeing this in the photo alone is a surprising place and I can only imagine what it looks like in people.
As for the club, I\'m sure it\'s not fair to have photos alone.
Although I will not be going to Amsterdam soon, you know I will definitely be checking out those live broadcasts this weekend, at least to see how rock the venue is.
For more information about Armada Music\'s event this week for the Amsterdam Dance Event, check out the link here and make sure to browse their website;
There is a lot of great information about their artists, live settings and media for you to enjoy.
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