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an eye for originality

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-30
Carla Mati, who walked halfway through the first aisle of the International Contemporary Furniture show, looked back and used Apollo-
Getic wince, \"there are a lot of bad designs.
\"This is a true statement for any exhibition, even at the country\'s premier modern home show, this week, more than 600 designers and manufacturers present their latest collection at 145,000 square feet of Jacob K.
Javits Conference Center
But when you\'re the curatorial director of the Smithsonian Museum Cooper, it\'s especially daunting to look for a good design
This is the National Design Museum of Hewitt, and you are looking for the classics of tomorrow.
\"To be different, it\'s just different,\" says maccty, whose cantilever seat is accented with polished metal columns as she passes through a plywood chair.
\"I\'m not interested in that.
\"In fact, mcculty has been in ICFF for almost 20 years, and the design of the 2008 exhibition\'s relative restraint does not bring a lot of potential additions to her museum\'s permanent collection.
Good is often covered up by boring, clumsy and downright bad things: gorgeous tile installations mistake bluffs for beauty, and hanging lights cover so much over-decoration, so much so that the stools they offer are shaped like the least elegant part of the anatomy of the human body, even the ceramic sushi plate, reminiscent of the bed plate.
Once, mcculty politely speculated: \"It must be the student design section, as if trying to find some logic for the strange things in the presentation. \" (It wasn\'t. )
But then she met exhibitors such as Tracy Kendall, a quiet, glasses-wearing, very polite English wallpaper designer, hiding in the smallest booth.
Mcculty\'s face lit up immediately.
\"I like that it\'s really a concept art,\" mcculty said . \" Her fingers go through the paragraphs of the \"Midsummer Night Dream\", which are printed in a different font, cut into stripes, and hand --
Sewn on the back of the wallpaper.
Kendall wants the client to hang the art on her design, but mcculty says the hand of the wallpaper
The elaborate art turned Shakespeare into a website.
Install it to yourself.
\"This is really a composition,\" she said . \" She was still delighted with the whimsical result.
Mcculty went on, crossed his arms, scanned the booth and delivered the verdict.
A transparent umbrella makes sense, she said.
\"Think about it.
Some companies have invested thousands in Vegas.
Like a monitor, but mcculty is 6-year-
Old lighting company in Baldwin Park.
Edmund Wu stood behind a humble table decorated with only his products.
\"It\'s fun now,\" mcculty played with Koncept\'s new Z-
Bar table lamp, bend its joints, rotate six LEDs to point the light up, down, left and right.
Ng demonstrated the function of the dimmer and explained this new Z-
The lighting created by Bar is twice that of the early model, but uses less energy.
Suggested Retail Price: $170
\"I like the fashion of it,\" mcculty said . \" He pointed out the simplicity of the design.
\"Efficiency is too high ---
Economic means. \"The Z-
Before she arrived at the Pablo booth, Bar appeared to be a discovery of the day, and booth\'s prototype of the magnetized LED light caused a rare excitement.
\"Did you see it?
Mcculty shouted, pointing to a fair companion:
Goer rotates a simple aluminum arm along the steel block base, instantly moving 18 LEDs, the symphony conductor waving the freedom of the wand.
The magnetic design means that the light can shine down to the table, bounce from the ceiling, and even sideways to the wall for ambient lighting ---
They all come from a place that is no thicker than a ruler.
\"I think it\'s really beautiful,\" mcculty said, picking up a brochure and noting that the lights that will be launched this summer are a potential addition to the museum collection.
\"You can\'t get anything less than that.
It\'s almost gone. -
Just a line of graphics.
\"In the exhibition space of HBF, Mati, before sitting down for his new sofa, exchanged a short greeting with designer Yves Bihar: a minimalist shrouded in the cloud
White sheep wool with built in wool
On the track under the sofa, the table slides along the front.
Series C is considered office furniture-
Employees can rest comfortably, brainstorm, take notes and work on their laptops.
\"Yes,\" said mcculty, rotating the table to a different position ---
First the computer workstation on her lap, then the side table.
She noticed unusual elegance in the design of functional office furniture;
She can even see it in a small apartment or attic where residents need a multi-functional solution. \"Great idea.
\"However, her enthusiasm was doused on the nearby Kohler display, where six taps splashed in a long sink.
Key points: show the company\'s new Karbon production line, carbon-
Optical Fiber and brass fixtures for improved control and accuracy. The uber-
Industrial design hit McCatty
\"Like a Robot faucet.
I mean, who needs it? . .
\"She began to ask that her question ended with a frown when she tried to manipulate the spray.
\"The water is so beautiful and smooth.
Do you think this will happen?
It looks like the plumber is still screwing the pipe together.
\"She prefers Joris Laarman\'s latest product in terms of making the pragmatic look beautiful.
Designed for Los Angeles Artecnica, Laarman\'s new line Box prototype is a decorative clip on the inconspicuous surge protector: instead of hiding the power strip, his solution is to make a design statement with it, turn the traditional linear block into a vine-
Just like the design of individual outlets in curly hair-
This is a good solution, she said.
In the afternoon, mcculty found other highlights: At Kartell booth, she praised Flip, a folding bar, and its plastic was perfect in color and translucency, looks like glass.
When passers-by design stunts in the Dutch collective Moooi ---
A table shaped like life
Head balanced cocktail tray size pig--
McCarty expressed more interest in the sparkling white console with a subtle touch.
\"This is paper,\" she said with a smile . \" She explained that the cardboard core was done with paper skin --mache-like effect.
The result is a large piece of furniture that the average person can carry to the fourth piece --
Walking floor Manhattanup.
She said: \"It\'s an ancient and wonderful drama, but it\'s a day to see it.
Like the ghost of traditional form.
\"Mcculty ended the day at the Scandinavian craft table.
She picked up a clever piece of Goldsmith Kim Barker: a silver foil balloon, shaped like a small plate, packed with a straw for easy inflation.
\"It\'s like,\" mcculty said with a smile, \"If you have fruit plates, you will travel \'. \". \"Love it.
\"When the photographer suggested that McCatty not blow the balloon, but fill it with helium, she laughed even more.
It\'s a great design, she says: a fruit bowl floating around you ---
A little less hot in the design world. --craig. nakano@latimes.
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