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Advantages of panel lights

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-14
At the same time of low power consumption of LED panel lamps, the lighting technology of LED panel lamps is still a green lighting technology. The products do not contain mercury, have less waste and almost no pollution in the manufacturing process; Semiconductor Lighting is recyclable and recyclable, which plays an important role in the sustainable development of economy and society. LED panel lights are widely used in hotels, bars, Western restaurants, cafes, home interior decoration, and other indoor lighting. Ultra-high brightness LED is used as a light source, which can directly replace the original ordinary fluorescent lamp, and its brightness is higher. So what is the definition of led panel lamp? Baidu Encyclopedia gives the following definition: LED panel lamp is a high-grade indoor lighting lamp, and its outer frame is anodized by aluminum alloy, the light source is LED, and the design of the whole lamp is beautiful and concise, with luxurious atmosphere. It not only has good lighting effect, but also can bring people a beautiful feeling. The LED panel lamp has a unique design. After passing through the light guide plate with high light transmittance, it forms a uniform planar luminous effect. The illumination uniformity is good, the light is soft, comfortable and bright, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue. LED panel lights can also prevent radiation and will not irritate the skin of pregnant women, the elderly and children. LED purification lamp adopts low temperature plasma technology. When the light is on, high-concentration negative ions are emitted through the middle of the energy-saving lamp micro-negative ion emitter. Under light, when negative ions and air, it will spread evenly to every corner of the space. After the combination of pathogenic cells, the internal energy transfer structure of the cells changes, resulting in their death. Attractive particles such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, smoke, dust, pollen, etc. floating in the air are concentrated and naturally settled to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. If an enterprise wants to enter the flat panel lamp market, it is the key to insist on technological innovation and improve the market competitiveness of its products. From the vassal status to the industry's new favorite, LED flat panel lights are not easy to attack! Liang Meiju will fully reveal the strength of panel lamps from the aspects of photoelectric performance, light guide plate performance and luminous uniformity. Clean lamps refer to special-purpose lamps specially used in clean places. Clean place (Clean workshop, clean room, clean area) According to the number of suspended particles in the air is 9 grades, the necessary conditions for clean room lighting fixtures are not only comfort and economy, how to divide the quality of LED flat panel lights and other related lamps in the usual time zone? Liancheng hair group teaches you to distinguish correctly: 1. Look at all 'lamp power factor': low power factor, indicating that there are loopholes in the design of LED drive power supply and circuit, which will greatly reduce the normal life cycle of lamps, low power factor, the use of high quality LED beads cannot last long. LED panel lamps belong to the category of lamps with strong anti-vibration capability. In the LED panel lamp, the LED light source is a kind of high-hardness resin luminous body instead of tungsten wire glass, which is not easy to be damaged, so its vibration resistance is relatively high and its ambient temperature adaptability is strong. Compared with the prior art, since the lampshade and lamp holder of the present invention are integrally formed, the lamp holder and lamp holder are both transparent, and the light incident on the lamp body of the lamp assembly can be directly transmitted, the beam angle is S large. There is no need to install blind shadows between the lampshade and the lamp holder, which saves technology and materials and saves labor costs. The lamp must have high-quality LED driving power supply, efficient heat dissipation design, high-quality lamp beads, high-quality chips, and meet the safety standards in the export field.
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