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Advantages of LED panel lights

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-18
LED panel lights are widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, homes and other places due to their advantages of good lighting uniformity, high index, uniform and soft light, comfortable use and the like, it has become a suitable product to replace the traditional grille lamp panel in the LED era. The structure mainly includes frame, diffuser plate, light guide plate, lamp bead, driving power supply, aluminum substrate and other components. LED panel light 1. Frame: frame is an important part of panel lights. The sturdy frame makes the panel light more durable. The side frame of LED panel lamp is made of different materials and has different heat dissipation performance. According to statistics, the frame materials of panel lamps are mainly aluminum alloy, steel, PC, A6063, aluminum profile, steel and other materials. 2. Diffusion plate: the function of the diffusion plate is to evenly disperse the light from the light guide plate and also to blur the dot. The materials used mainly include acrylic, PC, PS, etc. It is understood that the light transmittance of acrylic material is 92%, PC is 88%, PS is about 80%, the light transmittance of acrylic material is higher than PC, and the cost is lower and the aging resistance is poor; PC material is expensive, but it has strong anti-aging performance. LED panel lamp 3. Light guide plate: the function of the light guide plate is that the direction of the refracted light is perpendicular to the direction of the guide plate, and the light of the light guide plate is refracted to the back of the panel lamp by the reflective paper and then reflected. In this process, the light attenuation should be reduced as much as possible. Generally speaking, the light efficiency of the light guide plate depends largely on the dot design, followed by the selection of the plate. 4. Power supply mode: LED lights introduced by PVC garment template manufacturers have two driving power supply modes, one is constant current power supply, which has high efficiency and PF value as high as 0. 95, cost-effective; Second, constant voltage and constant current power supply has stable performance, but low efficiency and high cost.
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