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a touch of springfield

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Springfield, the capital of Illinois, is the home of Abraham Lincoln.
I went there to see exactly what his personal life was like, to see why he suddenly grew his beard before becoming president, to see the house he lived in and the monument to his final rest.
But Springfield proved to be more than Lincoln.
This is a place where you can visit one of Frank Lloyd Wright\'s great works.
This is a small town with Horseshoe Sandwiches and corn. battered, deep-
Fried Frankfurter sausage was invented.
In short, Springfield is a typical American resort.
My first stop was the Lincoln Herndon Law Firm, where Lincoln stood out as a lawyer.
It\'s a perfect office for a young lawyer, because the federal court is down there.
When Lincoln was alone in his room, he would lie on the floor, open the corner of the living Board door on the ceiling of the court, and listen to more experienced lawyers arguing about their case.
Just down the street, he lived with Mary Todd Lincoln until he was elected president and moved to Washington.
He lived there for 17 years.
It was the only house he had and the place where Mary gave birth to three of their four sons.
I went through it with Kim Bauer, a historical research expert at the Henry Horner Lincoln collection at the Illinois Historical Library.
Kim Bauer said: \"Abraham Lincoln has no beard for most of his life.
Until he became president of the United States, he had nothing on his chin.
Most people don\'t realize this because they see all the pictures of Lincoln\'s presidency. when]he has a beard.
He\'s because of an 11-year-
Old girl Grace Bidell from Westfield, New YorkY.
He wrote about Abraham Lincoln in October 1860.
She told him that she thought he was the greatest man alive and that her father would vote for him, but that she had four brothers, among them, the two may vote for him, and the two do not know what they will do.
He continued: \"She advised him to grow a beard and then her other two brothers voted for him because he looked more serious.
He began to develop it, and by the time he went to Washington in 1861, he had a completegrown beard.
\"His hat is also an interesting story.
When Lincoln is touring as a lawyer, he puts letters, legal documents, handkerchiefs, anything he can\'t fit into his pocket into a skinny-legged hat.
William Herndon, his last legal partner, called Lincoln\'s hat his office.
Hearenden even said that Lincoln, wearing a hat full of letters and manuscripts, had a prominent ear.
\"I also visited the rebuilding Pioneer Village in New Salem.
Lincoln went there when he was 22 and stayed there for 6 years.
He works as a clerk in a shop and serves as the Post chief.
This is where he started his political career. Twenty-
In the 1830 s, three timber houses and shops had been rebuilt and provided.
During the period, the interpreter dressed to talk about the daily work of the time and talked to the visitors.
In the same decade that Lincoln packed up and left the community for Washington, a group of Amish people in Pennsylvania were packing up and moving to the neighborhood.
They built their community in Arthur, sick. , in 1865.
They are masters of quilt making, and their work represents the best folk art in Illinois.
Their more than 150 quilts are collected at the Illinois museum in Springfield.
The quilt is made of three layers of fabric: The top layer;
A stroke of cotton or wool;
On the back floor.
To keep these layers together, Amish people use a small live needle called quilting.
After the Amish finished their clothes, they would make quilts with the rest. -
They don\'t throw anything away.
Most people are surprised by the bright colors because they think Amish people are wearing black clothes.
But in fact, most of their clothes-
Women\'s clothing, children\'s clothing, men\'s clothing? -
Bright colors.
It is beautiful and practical to sew clothes in the quilt.
Dana House is typical of Frank Lloyd Wright\'s Prairie Style: The exterior is characterized by low-level roofs, wide eaves, and ribbon art glass windows.
It looks almost the same as when it was commissioned in 1902 for Springfield social socialite and women\'s activist Susan Lawrence Dana.
More than 100 original Wright-
The design of white oak furniture still exists, as well as 250 art glass doors, windows and lamp boards and 200 original lamps and lanterns.
The main living level has been improved with an open floor plan and a fireplace in the set.
When Wright got the Dana Housing Council, he was 35 years old and it was an important job.
He is carrying out a revolution in local buildings in the Midwest.
The House gave him a chance to try some new forms.
The butterfly lamps in the restaurant are the most exquisite and geometric of Wright\'s career.
The table in the restaurant can be expanded to 40 people, and all the seats are in Wright-
Oak chairs designed.
Springfield has a well-known historical landmark in the country, but its most famous international landmark may be Route 66. -
The highway from Chicago to Los Angeles is over 2,000 miles long.
Thousands of tourists appear in Chicago every year, buy a used car or a used motorcycle, and travel to Los Angeles. A.
About 85% of the trip, they were on the original Route 66.
Built in 1926, it is the first road designed for cars, attracting the imagination of car enthusiasts.
Springfield even has an informal monument on this great American highway.
For more than 50 years, Bill Shea pumped gas on Route 66.
Today, he is the proud owner of a huge private gas station and a souvenir of Route 66.
Old tools, old gas tanks, pumps, signs--
He even bought a gas station he was transforming.
Springfield\'s earliest restaurant was built in the city center to serve people associated with the government.
They are a family. owned places --
They are still like this now.
Maldaner\'s restaurant has been in town since 1884, with great weight and friendly service.
Brio cafe, open and colorful, is a good place for foodMex flavor.
Try Auggie\'s cooking method.
The town\'s signature dish is called Horseshoe: toast at the bottom, hamburger in the middle, cheese sauce at the top and chips at everything.
The place to taste the traditional horseshoe is Norb Andy\'s.
Springfield is also home to corn. battered, deep-
Fried Frankfurter sausage known as comfort dog.
You can drive in the comfort of your dog in its original habitat to put yourself in this palate delight.
Springfield is also home to one of the greatest carillons in the world.
Carillon is a set of fixed bells set up on the tower.
The earliest Karon we know is in China, dating back more than 2,000 years.
In the Middle Ages, musicians from Belgium and the Netherlands developed them into a popular form of music and built the Bell Tower throughout northern Europe.
Each tower also has a clock for an hour of attacks and warns citizens of fires, floods and incursions. -
Or when their local cable company is going to shut down the network.
The Reese Memorial Karon in Springfield is one of the largest and best museums in the world.
Its open Tower has 67 bells and is cast in the Netherlands with a total weight of 90,000 pounds.
They are played manually through the keyboard.
Abraham Lincoln passed away on April 15, 1865, only six days after the surrender of the Confederate Army.
The celebration to mark the end of the civil war ended suddenly.
The national mourning for the president came as the Lincoln Memorial Association began planning a monument in Springfield.
The monument holds the remains of 16 presidents, his wife and their three sons. The 117-foot-
The tall mausoleum was built by a granite quarry in Quincy.
Lincoln\'s bronze statue is near the entrance.
Its shiny nose is the result of a visitor rubbing it for good luck.
On Tuesday night in the summer, 144 Illinois volunteers reactivated infantry, demonstrated Civil War military exercises and held a flag retreat ceremony.
At each ceremony, a tourist will receiveS.
The flag flew over the grave last week.
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