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A thorough understanding of LED power drive

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-10
An article thorough understanding of LED power drive a, what is the LED drive power LED drive power supply the power supply is converted into a certain voltage current to drive the LED voltage converter. In accordance with the requirements of different occasions, also have input over-voltage protection circuit, input under-voltage protection circuit, LED open circuit protection, over current protection circuit, etc. Second, the characteristics of the LED drive power supply ( 1) High reliability LED drive power supply with high reliability, less chance need maintenance ( 2) High efficiency LED drive efficiency is very high, less power consumption, less in the calorific value of lamps and lanterns, at the same time also reduce the temperature of lamps and lanterns, good for delaying the LED light failure. ( 3) Surge protection LED itself poor ability to resist surge, especially in the direction of the voltage resistance, so the LED drive power supply served for the roles of the anti surge, prevent the damage of lamps and lanterns. Three, the classification of the LED drive power supply ( According to the circuit structure classification) ( 1) Conventional transformer step-down advantage is small size, deficiency is heavy in weight, low power efficiency, reliability is not high, so usually use ( 2) LED power supply capacitance decompression this way easily influenced by grid voltage fluctuation, low power efficiency, unfavorable LED flashing when use, easy to damage the chip. ( 3) Resistance step-down this way of electricity power efficiency is very low, and the system reliability is low. Because of circuit through a resistor step-down, interference by power grid voltage change is bigger, it is not easy to make it stable voltage, resistance and step-down itself consumes a large portion of the energy. ( 4) PWM controlled switching power supply for the moment, PWM control mode design of LED power supply is ideal, because this kind of switch power supply output voltage or current is stable, high power conversion efficiency, output voltage and current is very stable.
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