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30 the x60 engineering led flat light expensive?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-17
We all know how used in commercial lighting engineering led flat light, or directly embedded in keel smallpox, or used for hanging the office design, more applicable to a variety of high-end places, slightly tall. So, this kind of engineering led flat light price expensive? Answer: not expensive, high cost performance. Let us take 30 x60led plate lamp for example. Engineering led flat light 300 x600 brand: constant lighting length L: 600 mm width W: 300 mm height H: 55 mm color classification: 6000 - is white light 4000-6500 k, warm white: 4200 k light source type: LEDSMD2835 power: 24 - 28 w exposure area: 8 - Packing size: 12 square metre 62 x32x24cm4 / box project only 30 x60led flat light, can be in the office, conference room, office buildings, schools, hotels and other places to install. Led flat light has straight down type led flat light and light led flat light optional, straight down type plate lamp, concise design, good heat dissipation, long life, moderate price is cheaper, but the thickness is higher; Glow and side plate lamp shape thin thin, but design complex unit price is high, the heat dissipation problem has to be solved. Two new lamps and lanterns each have advantages and disadvantages.
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