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2017 honda cb1100 rs – a closer look

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-09
2017 Honda CB1100 RS-one of the popular sleeper products of Intermot 2016 is Honda CB1100 RS-a sporty, sexy retro version-
CB1100 has been popular since 2013.
But from Honda\'s attitude towards it, you won\'t know.
At the press conference, Honda showed reporters a fascinating video about generations of people united around two wheels, perhaps too sugar.
This is almost it.
Referring to the CB1100 RS and the improved CB1100 EX, it seems that it is more or less shelved in one breath.
Big Red is more eager to push out the new CBR1000RR SP Fireblade-
Induced Rotation of flash, ears-
Music and impressive fireworks.
The official press release that came out of my inbox after the event also provided only two paragraphs of the CB1100 model.
My guess is that given the tepid reception of the CB1100 received three years ago, Honda\'s expectations for the new CB1100 RS are low.
After making a big appearance, the real bike made some reviewers and customers feel flat.
RideApart speaks highly of it, but many other mo-
Despite the air/oil on this bike, Joss feels the CB1100 is a bit too Honda perfect
The cooled 1140cc inline four bars were deliberately adjusted to make it slightly rough and olderschool feel.
Since then, the cb1100 has gone through some quiet updates, including the addition of different fuel tanks, different seats and gears 6.
But it still doesn\'t seem to inspire imagination like Triumph Bonneville t1 20 or bmw r nineT, opening up the lover\'s wallet.
Seeing the CB1100 RS with my own eyes and immediately falling in love with the look of it, I am optimistic that Honda may end up doing a good job in this regard.
I would really like to have a chance to ride a bike, so, in order to improve my appetite, I thought I would collect as much information as I could about it.
The story of the CB1100 RS began nearly 70 years ago when twins
Cylinder CB92 Benly was launched in 1959.
The CB series was born and has maintained a place in Honda\'s product line --
Since then, the hearts of Honda fans have begun.
The CB1100 was inspired by the legendary CB750 in 1970s and 1960.
Until 2003, it lived in a variety of ways, almost as soon as it disappeared, Honda seemed eager for the heyday of the bike.
CB1100 as a concept listed in Japan for many years, and finally put into production in 2010, was hit.
\"Like CBs in the past, we understand the eternal joy that customers have and fly --
Cooling straight four
Mitsunobu Imada said that he designed the frame of the first generation CB1100 and served as the head of the large project of the CB1100 RS. “With [this bike]
We hope many riders can appreciate and understand a very traditional motorcycle structure.
\"The bike immediately became a personal favorite of Ito Xiaobu, CEO of Honda Motor.
From 2009 to 2015 as his daily commuter.
It is suspected that he may have played a role in bringing bicycles from concept to reality and expanding them to markets outside Japan in 2013.
Perhaps he also helped to keep the concept alive, as the bike, which was updated almost immediately in 2014, showed it wasn\'t as popular as Honda wanted it to be.
Followed by an updated adjustment-just-enough-for-aficionados-to-
Notify CB1100 DLX;
Europe got a say
Wheel CB1100 EX.
For 2017, Honda has introduced an updated version of the CB1100 EX, which is equipped with better suspension, improved exhaust, slippers clutch and LED lighting.
But the first thing that caught your attention was the CB1100 RS.
It is true that RS is built on the CB1100 platform and it is not very sporty according to Honda standards.
For example, the new CBR1000RR SP Fireblade is said to generate up to 190 hp of energy at peak times-about 100 more horses than the 89 horsepower provided by the CB1100 RS.
But, of course, 89 HP is still enough to get your license taken away, and it\'s clear that this moto is more than mind --
Melting properties.
Honda, for example, is very proud of its craft because the new tank is manufactured without a weld.
The analog dial helps cover up the modern sense of the bike; its fat Inline-
Four gave it the status of an old man. school bruiser.
High quality touch can be found everywhere;
The aluminum chain guard replaces the previous plastic design.
Adjustable Showa suspension improved handling, 17-
The inch cast aluminum wheel means you can install high quality tires instead of the biasing layer material you usually encounter on vintage bikes.
Honda said the sports version of the wheel can also produce 3-
Percentage increase in acceleration.
The CB1100 RS has a steering geometry that is closer than the standard CB1100, with a front angle and trajectory of 26 degrees/99mm and a wheelbase of 1485mm (
Relative to 27 degrees/114mm/1490mm)
Provides faster steering and faster response processing.
The ergonomics of the bike is also a bit sporty, but the seat is still very upright.
Again: do not expect to exceed any modern sports car;
The weight of the CB1100 RS is 252 kg (555 lbs. )wet.
But we bet it will handle well for a bike of this size.
You can\'t escape the modern rider assist system even on vintage bikes, so ABS is the standard device here.
Seat height is 795mm (31. 3 inches)
It means that most people can stand on the ground.
Honda said 16. 8-liter (4. 4 US gallons)
The tank should go up 186 miles, about 42 miles per gallon, which is very-much Honda.
The side panel of the bike is pressed on aluminum, and the streamlined seat shows both movement and old charmschool comfy.
I don\'t like the LED taillights, but at this point I really want to find the straw for the complaint.
When it comes to CB1100 RS smaller, lighter 4-2-
Honda quietly mentioned that it has \"optimized resonance and produced a memorable four-
Cylinder Engine notes.
\"I hope that means RS will quell previous complaints about the lack of personality in the cb1100.
You want an old one.
After all, school bikes sound a little old.
At the same time, Honda said the bike\'s DOHC Inline Four offers a straight-line, \"immediately accessible driving . . . . . . Anywhere in the rev series.
\"The peak of 89hp is about 7,500 rpm, while the peak torque of the bike is about 67 ft-
The speed of Lb is close to 5,500 rpm.
In addition to these facts and figures, we do not know when the CB1100 RS will be available or how much it will cost.
To be honest, we don\'t even know if this bike will show up in the US (
Intermot is, after all, a European event).
All we know is that we will put on our best beautiful please pants and ask Honda to give us a chance to ride a bike as soon as possible.
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