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by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-26
According to the Daily Mail reporter update: at 12: 02 on November 9, 2009, in a busy leather goods store, when a fox fell from the ceiling and entered the front window display, shoppers could not believe their eyes.
The frightened animal fell into the store, dropping 12ft before landing on a pile of luggage.
It is believed that the fox is only a cub, it climbs into the ceiling through the fan system, which is turned off at night.
When the fox snuggled between some handbags and allowed himself to be touched, the startled consumer squeezed around the front window.
Pass by death: a fox fell in the ventilation system of Weston dolphin leather goodssuper-
47-year-old Mare setstore owner Ruth Reeves photographed the animal on his mobile phone before calling the local wildlife center to arrange for the rescue of Weston dolphin leather goods --super-Mare, Somerset.
\"We heard some scratches on the ceiling, and there was a door panel that collapsed a bit,\" she said.
I think, \"Oh, my God.
Something fell on the floor, \"and then I heard this scuffle, and I went to the window and found a beautiful little fox.
Lucky escape: Despite suffering from a concussion, This disoriented animal has not been hurt in other ways, \"there is a fan there that runs at night during the day, so he has to pass through the vent a few hours later.
\"He was not injured because he landed on some big travel bags that were filled with fillings near my front window. \'He was lovely.
He made me touch him in the window like a kitten.
He looks like a perfect little fox.
He has a lovely thick tail and his coat is beautiful, although he seems to have a little cataract in one eye.
Window dressing: the tame fox illuminates the facade of the store --of-
After the Fox fell into her store around one o\'clock P. M. on Monday, three Ruth called The Secret World Wildlife Sanctuary near Haybridge, Somerset.
Pauline Kidner, founder of the secret world, who is now taking care of the animal, said he was \"very lucky\" not to be seriously injured in the fall.
She said: \"He definitely had a concussion when he came in --
He was very lost and very quiet.
\"He was lucky to have a soft landing on some bags when he fell.
\"We put him in one of our casualty pens and because he had bruises on his body, support him with heat and pain relief, but luckily he did not suffer any other damage
\"He\'s doing a good job right now, and we \'ve been walking up and down the hallway.
\"He is a cub born this year and is in very good condition.
We hope to release him in the middle of the night on Sunday.
We always call him Mr. Fox.
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